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Choozing Happy is a person centred approach to healing, using a mix of a lifetime of experiences, new skills I have learned and intuitive gifts I have.

When used together, healing on a large scale can occur bringing with it the freedom to move forward in life free from pain, guilt, anger or any other emotion which holds us back.

“Let it go” is a phrase bounced around all the time - but experience has shown me that not everyone knows how to “let go”. In order for us to move on completely, this needs to be done, and I help people understand how to do this during our sessions.

There are many forms of energy healing, and it can become quite a minefield knowing which is best suited to you. I know from experience that the lists and choices are endless.

Having been on many courses I found some teachings seemed to be really difficult and simply not suited to me, whereas, others I have simply loved. I really don’t believe anything which is meant for us, should be difficult or feel alien – if it does, it’s simply not for us.

Accepting we need help and reaching out for it, is a huge step to take and a brave one, - finding the right person is just as important. Trusting and feeling safe with the individual is key to any healing, as it is only when we feel totally safe that we can fully surrender and allow the deep healing to occur.

Based on that and other factors, Choozing Happy simply helps you find your happy place, by embracing what was, accepting what is and allowing what can be, to be.

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About me

To make a change you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired and that’s exactly where I got to.

I have spent most of my lifetime battling with what I thought was depression – living in fear of what may happen, instead of living in the moment and trusting that whatever happened, I would be alright. I attempted to control many aspects of my life, thinking that if I controlled it, I would be safe and in charge of my own destiny.

When everything kept going ‘wrong’ and each time I ended up yet again nowhere near where I wanted to be, I became more and more disheartened. One night something just switched within me and I realised I was just Choozing, not to be happy.

That night, I went to bed and decided the next day to Chooze happy and accept everything that had happened to me as if I had chosen it. Every time a negative thought or feeling came to me, I immediately replaced it with a positive one. I slowly embraced all my life experiences for the lessons they were and with a new perspective – my load felt lighter to carry.

That morning when I woke, I stayed focussed on my intention – to Chooze Happy. Everything I did that day and every day thereafter was with a real purpose of just being happy. Over time, I was able to break old habits and thought patterns, eventually becoming positive without too much effort at all.

The more I let go, the easier life became because I wasn’t carrying what had happened to me, with me.

My intuition became stronger and stronger, as it wasn’t now being filtered through my insecurities or fears. Also, the messages I received from spirit and loved ones became clearer as my thoughts didn’t get in the way. I learned how to feel what I was channelling, rather than try to think what energies were around me.

I also let go of caring what other people thought of me and embraced my “weirdness”. We are all unique individuals who need to shine our perfectly imperfect lights in this lifetime, and not be afraid to be our true selves. I now allow that to filter people in or out accordingly and embrace my individuality, sharing how to do that in order to help others, is a true gift in itself.

My journey, which has led me back to me has been tough, but now I realise that everything I needed was on the other side of the pain I tried to avoid. We can all grow through what we go through – should we chooze to.

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Choozing Happy

Setting up Choozing Happy took me a while, as I really didn’t know in which area to pitch this new venture I felt drawn to do.

I can see and hear spirit and see and feel blocks of energy within people’s bodies and how they can let them go, in order to grow.

Overtime I realised that I couldn’t identify myself as a medium, or psychic or any one thing specifically – as what comes to me whilst I am with people is what they need for their highest good - at that time and not necessarily what they may want. We can be exceptionally good at burying our heads in the sand, to avoid dealing with specific traumas or emotions. This will however impact our lives, now matter how much we try to deny them, or ignore them.

The energy flows best with people who are stuck at some point in their lives – whether that be a change in career is needed, a house move, letting go of guilt or trauma which is weighing down on them, relationship issues – whatever it maybe which seems to have them feeling stuck – is what will come through during the session.

Ahead of a session I feel the persons energy and begin to act and feel as they would – this is really helpful for me, as I immediately understand what emotions they are carrying and how it affects them in their daily life.

I then sit with the energy and write down anything which comes to me – (usually around two pages of A4 paper) written down is a mixture of emotions, feelings and how the client feels about themselves at that time. Pinpointing this before the client arrives, enables the sessions to go deeper, more quickly as within a few minutes we both have a mutual understanding and trust.

During sessions I can help people with how to let go of a trauma or issue which is difficult to face and usually quite deeply buried. Anything we carry around hiding from will only grow bigger, anything we face shrinks and eventually disappears.

We can get caught up in what is right and what is wrong – instead I believe there are only isms.

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Sessions last between 60–90 minutes and take place either in the comfort of my home, or via video link.

Before tuning into anyone’s energy, I clear the space and ask that only that which is for the highest and greatest good of those concerned, be received.

I ask to be clearly shown how I can help and then write down exactly what I am feeling.

During a session I am able to feel the clients aura and where energy blocks are held within their bodies.

We then work together releasing the trapped emotions and clearing any unwanted energies, which may be holding the client back from moving forward in some area of their life.

As we are talking, I am constantly receiving more guidance and sharing what is coming through for me. As the aura is being cleared of any old energy, I am able to feel the new opportunities which are now able to arise for them.

Our aura is simply like a bag – only so much can fit in it – so in order to receive anything new, we must clear out the old. If we were shopping and we saw something we really wanted, but couldn’t fit it in our bag – we would go through the bag and see what we no longer needed to make space for something new. Our energy field is just the same. We must keep letting go of what is no longer good for us. Guilt, blame, shame, fear – take up a lot of space in our “bags” and the easiest way to empty it, is to acknowledge it, accept it and then let it go.

The sessions are very gentle as it is important clients feel safe, in order to receive the most benefit from them.

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Contact me

If you have any questions, comments or would like to schedule a session, please contact me via email. Email Me

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My ethos is more about helping than it is a business model - but I like all of us - have bills to pay. Therefore, I make a charge of £30.00 and anything else by donation – based on what you feel the session is worth and what is affordable to you.